Chernobyl Z

Screenplay by Alan Nafzger

Imagine being trapped in the doomed Chernobyl power station, chased by rogue elements of the Soviet army and the KGB… and inundated with the walking dead zombies.

Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986.

This film mixes Soviet history and politics with fantasy or horror. There may not be a name for this type of film, but I want to tell an alternate story of what happened at Chernobyl.

This movie is a fast-paced thriller re-imagines the historical events of the fateful Chernobyl station through the lens of zombie mayhem. KGB agent Alexandra Mikota (one of the very few female agents) and her inner circle desperately try to contain a weaponized zombie virus brought into the plant.

Alexandra Mikota is one of the few female KGB officers. There are 100 in her region and only five are females. Mikota is subjected to a lot of institutional sexism. She is given only the most simple and insulting cases. She is very talented and shows she can defend herself early in the film.

The film begins with a file folder accidentally placed on Alexandra Mikota’s desk. It was meant for her boss but it outlines a dangerous and outlandish weapons program, simply called “Z”.

Alexandra Mikota and friends, in good conscience, steal the virus from a secret Ukrainian weapons plant. Hard-line communists and rogue elements of the Soviet military have concealed production of the virus from the leadership and plan to blackmail Gorbachev to resign. If Gorbachev doesn’t step down they plane to release the virus in airbursts over the major European cities and also New York.

Alexandra Mikota breaks into the virus manufacturing facility and steals every sample. The weaponized containers and the samples that they are using to multiply the virus. She burns the animals who were used to test the vaccine. She disinfects the entire lab and leaves with a briefcase of the virus filled containers. Once she has extracted the deadly Toxin from the subject, she runs for her life.

Alexandra Mikota and party are on the run from Soviet army special forces when cornered in the Ukraine. Her only escape it to enter the Chernobyl facility. Her former college boyfriend is an engineer and administrator at the nuclear facility. She calls on him and she finds a temporary refuge at the plant.

Everything is normal at the plant for two short days, but Mikota’s location is soon discovered by the Soviet army soldiers who surround the plant. The plant is then invaded by rough KGB agents. In a struggle for a brief case, a corrupt KGB agent obtains a virus sample. He releases it into the plant and quickly leaves.

The majestic power plant turns into a Soviet Era bloodbath, steaming at top speed toward a meltdown.

This should be a creepy, tense movie, Chernobyl Z will thrill zombie fans and soviet history buffs alike.

Alexandra Mikota — An emotionally injured female KGB agent flees with “the Toxin” in her tragic attempt to keep the zombie-inducing substance out of the hard-line communist hands and hopefully find a cure for zombieness.

Mikota quickly realizes that the right wing of the communist party are out to retake the Toxic and use it as a weapon. She manages to get to Chernobyl where the worlds first nuclear meltdown awaits. With killers at her heals, events inside the power plant don’t go as planned. The stolen Toxic begins to affect the staff and workers turning them into horrible zombies. The plague spreads quickly and Mikota in the end understand that a radical solution is needed to end the infection before it’s too late and escapes into the public. What she doesn’t realize is tragedy awaits them in the form of an meltdown.

Mikota comes from a military family. Behind her are three generations of military generals from Tsarist Russia to the Great Partiotic War. The the Soviet Union was one of the first contemporary societies to employ women extensively in its armed forces. She could have had a career in the military, but she has a flare for independence and was attracted to state security work while in school. The choice has caused some concern in her family.

She is single and has no children.

She learns that the KGB agent who she has been dating is deeply involved in the plot to over throw Gorbachev.

What I really look forward to about this story is making the audience try to guess what was real and what is fiction. In this age of instant knowledge gratification, did I stop to look up whether there really were biological weapons labs near Chernobyl? Yes, I did. And yes, there were labs near the power plant. This scenario is plausible.

I have a list of the events at Chernobyl and I’ve inter-spliced the fictional zombie story.

Mixing the two film genres is the key to making this film a success Each scene in the film shows the place and time the events happened (or didn’t happen).

The Ukrainian Biological Weapons lab is a church closed by Stalin’s government. It has been long closed by the time of Chernobyl and the paint and art work is seriously degraded. Above the door to the basement of the church are the words, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come.”  The words are barely legible in faded paint.

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