Dzhoshua Silayev in Moscow

Dzhoshua Silayev is basically a decent Russian who will do whatever it takes to survive what life in Moscow throws at him. A computer hacker who is in love with an HIV+ fashion model. His uncomfortable infatuation with the woman he can’t touch traps him in Moscow.  Silayev is as tough a man as they come, just as skilled at breaking into mainframes as he is in a fistfight.  Silayev’s efforts to remain in Moscow take him on adventures across most of Russia.

Dzhoshua Silayev has worn a white hat and a black hat.

Dzhoshua Silayev has been a soldier, computer repairman, network specialist, bank guard, bank robber, bounty hunter, agricultural worker, standup comedian, poor man, rich man, gambler, and cook.

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