Events in Donetsk

Events in Donetsk

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It is 9746 km and 51 years between Dallas in 1963 and Donetsk in 2014.

screenplay by Alan Nafzger


Called personally by the President of Russia, Alyona Yolkov, a Moscow reform oriented journalist, investigates the death of the President’s brother, Yefim Kireyev. Yefim, an Admiral in the Russian Navy, has been shot in Donetsk in a parade celebrating the annexation of Eastern Ukraine. The assassination is very similar to the Dallas assassination of John F. Kennedy. Yolkov refuses to believe he was killed by a lone gunman. Teaming up with a local policeman, she solves two murders 51 years and 9746 km apart.


This story takes place in Donetsk Russia in 2015 and in Dallas Texas 1963.


The Donetsk Russia story is simple. Two Russian investigators, while investigating the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy, solve both assassinations.


  • Alyona Yolkov – Reform journalist with a reputation as a hard nosed investigative journalist.
  • Admiral Yefim Kireyev – Russian naval admiral who has lead a remarkably similar life to John F. Kennedy. He is the younger brother of the President of Russia.
  • President Yegor Kireyev – President of Russia.
  • Dima Melnyk – Donetsk criminal investigator
  • Vsevolod Zhilov – Russian Army Private.
  • Duqvaakha Tabarik – Chechen man.


As Alyona Yolkov investigates the last fatality of the Ukrainian war, she discovers …

  • Yefim Kireyev was born in Odessa, Soviet Union November 22, 1963, at 9:30 pm. This is the exact date and time that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.
  • Yefim’s father was a business manager in the Soviet years.
  • Yefim’s father ran the Black Sea Shipping Company. He was as near aristocracy as the soviet system would allow.
  • Later, Yefim’s father was the Soviet Ambassador to Turkey.
  • His mother was a party organizer.
  • His family had four boys and five daughters. The family was featured in government propaganda urging people to repopulate Russia after World War II.
  • Yegor, his older brother, was a favorite of their father from the day he was born Yegor was groomed for political power.
  • The second son of a powerful and politically connected man, Yefim preferred to stay out of any limelight. Yefim was always over shadowed by his older brother.
  • Naturally he was shy. He was a great athlete.
  • Yefim had a quiet career in the navy and was also a writer.
  • Yefim enrolled at an elite college, where he produced that year’s annual “Freshman Talent Show”.
  • He tried out for the futball, tennis, and swimming teams and earned a spot on the varsity swimming team.
  • Yefim sailed to Istanbul Turkey — bringing his car — and spent ten weeks driving through Eastern Europe with his friend.
  • As an upperclassman at Harvard, Yefim became a more serious student and developed an interest in political philosophy. In 1986, Yefim completed his thesis, “Appeasement in Reykjavík”, about Soviet participation in the  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The thesis became a widely read paper under the title “Why Mikhail_Gorbachev” capitulated.
  • Yefim graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science cum laude in international affairs in 1987.
  • In early 1987, Yefim helped his father write a memoir of his three years as an Soviet ambassador and then traveled throughout Central and South America.
  • Yefim’s joined the Soviet navy and became a decorated war hero.
  • In Pakistan, the U.S. Navy operated a covert war and coordinated the flow of foreign weapons into Afghanistan. Many of the weapons were stored in the Navy depot in the port city of Karachi. As the captain of a team of navy commandoes and a small patrol boat, Yefim was assigned to sabotage the depot.
  • Yefim’s unit was successful in blowing up the weapons cache, but then their boat, was rammed by an American destroyer. Yefim gathered his surviving crew members together in the water around the wreckage. He then lead them swimming to Buddo Island.
  • Yefim’s, despite re-injury to his back in the collision, towed a badly burned crewman through the water with a life jacket strap clenched between his teeth. He towed the wounded man to the island, and later to a second island, from where his crew was subsequently rescued. For these actions, Yefim received a Hero of the Soviet Union medal.
  • The sailors were rescued after several days by a Soviet submarine.
  • Yefim marries a very elegant and attractive women. Unfortunately growing up Yefim has witnessed his father’s infidelity and seems to think that this behavior is acceptable.
  • Yefim has affairs with film stars and the girl friend a mafia
  • Yefim’s wife became pregnant for the first time in 2006 but after three months suffered a miscarriage and at this time she is warned that that carrying and delivering a child would always be difficult for her.
  • In, 2007, a month before another baby was due, she give birth to a stillborn infant.
  • A healthy girl is born in 2008 and a boy is born in 2010.
  • Yefim slowly raises in rank until he reaches the rank of Admiral of the Black Sea Fleet in 2014.
  • In 2000, Yefim’s brother is the Prime Minister of Russia when the sitting President’s resigns.   At this time Yefim holds the rank of Captain 1st Rank.
  • Yefim is assassinated by a gunman in Donetsk. In a parade welcoming the conquering Russians. Yefim is shot once in the throat, once in the upper back, with the fatal shot hitting him in the head.
  • The apparent assassin, Duqvaakha Tabarik, shots a policeman, and runs into a Donetsk movie theater where is his arrested.
  • The assassin is killed in police custody be the owner of a Donetsk topless bar while in police custody.


Alyona Yolkov is quick to understand that Yefim might be the reincarnation of John f. Kennedy. However, she and Yegor receive conflicting information concerning Yefim’s assassination. She travels to Donetsk to uncover the truth.

The Some speculation is that behind the Donetsk assassination is the husband of a woman Yefim had been seeing.

The Russian army investigator feels that the Ukrainian government ordered the assassination in Donetsk.

The FSB reports that that Muslim separatists had it done.

The foreign ministry argues that the American government was responsible.

When Alyona Yolkov reports that the first two bullet were not fatal and that the fatal head shot came from the accidental discharge of a Russian army rifle, her life is in danger.

There are two attempts on the life of the Melnyk and Yolkov while in Donetsk. Both are botched attempts but clearly have a military flare. There is a handgranad pitched into a room. And a T-90 tank pancakes their car as Melnyk and Yolkov nearly escape.


Donetsk crime investigator Dima Melnyk points out that one of twenty soldiers on a BMP-3 is probably responsible. Melnyk speculates that one of the soldiers saw the shooter. A highlight of the film is when Melnyk proves that Vsevolod Zhilov, in the rush and excitement, accidentally discharged his weapon shooting Yefim in the head.

Melnyk and Yolkov are aided by HD video similar to the Zagruder film. They are also aided by the proliferation of digital cameras. Compared to 1963, there is far more evidence documenting a public event in 2014. The Russian army collects and destroys much of it, but they can’t get it all.

Melnyk demonstrates, using a plaster skull to trace the trajectory of the head shot, and showing how this indicated to Yolkov that the shot that struck Yefim in the head came from the BMP-3.

As further evidence for there being a second shooter, Melnyk tells Yolkov, that the caliber of the bullet that made the 6mm entry wound in Kennedy’s head was incompatible with the shooter’s ‘s 5.56mm caliber AR-15 rifle but compatible with a 7.62 bullet from a Russian Army rifle.

The first two bullets passed through Yefim and into a ship’s captain sitting in front of him. The 30-40 bullet fragments found by x-ray inside Yefim’s skull demonstrate that it was a different type of ammunition.

Melnyk produces a photograph of Russian soldiers on the BMP-3 holding up rifles while sitting on top of the follow-up BMP-3 as it speeds behind the Navy’s limousine.

The other soldiers have their rifle pointed up in the air. Zhilov has his pointed down and he is holding it awkwardly.

Also investigating the leadup to the shooting, Melnyk exposes the pressure the Army units were under at the time of the parade. They “…had been working at winning a war” and “…the previous three days (to the assassination) had been brutal with no sleep”.

Melnyk adds that several of the soldiers spent the early hours of that day drinking until 5am, suggesting this would have made them “…hungover from the alcohol and not at their best performance”.

Vsevolod Zhilov, who hadn’t been out drinking, was in the Russian Army for only four months service at the time of the assassination. Vsevolod Zhilov was normally just a driver, was given a rifle by his commender to look dangerous in the photos. Later

Zhilov, states that holding a rifle was “foreign” to him.

There are witnesses who claim they saw “a flash of smoke” from the soldier’s BMP-3 vehicle.

Another witness saw “…the president grab his chest”, then “…a few men in soldeir’s uniforms shooting back”.

The army whisk Zhilov out of the city. His body then is discovered at the location of a battle three days previous. The Army argues that Zhilov was killed in action.

There are ten witnesses from the street level who smelled gunpowder. Given the wind, the only way they could have smelled this was from guns fired from inside the parade.

Other evidence of a cover-up put forward by Melnyk and Yolkov states how an evasive Army immediately ordered that rifles no longer be loaded during parades.

Melnyk and Yolkov learn that classified Army documents on the assassination have been destroyed.

Melnyk learns that Army officials threatened and interfered with Hospital staff.
The Army removed the body without an autopsy having taken place.

Yolkov learns that the eventual autopsy was in an overcrowded room with constant interference from the Army. There are lost photographs, and falsified x-rays.



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