God Explains The Creation

God Explains The Creation, 

Magical Realism with drama added…

PRIMARY LOGLINE: One broken man must bury his cynicism and start believing in God, the CEO of his own company, and lead society towards belief, or Lucifer will turn the world on its head.

SECONDARY LOGLINE: Life is explained be looking at the corporate culture of Heaven. The CEO of God Inc. explains everything.

Screenplay by Alan Nafzger

God works in a high rise building with all the modern communication tools — email, staff, press releases, and ad agency and cell phones. In this film, God is and always has been a modern day CEO. God, Inc. has several divisions. The Creation division is divided into three departments — “Orthogenesis” (goal-directed creation), “nomogenesis” (creation according to fixed law), “emergent creation” and “creative evolution.”

While many believers think that the Creation division was closed after seven days, it is open and employees are working 24/7.

Gods Inc’s evolving creation is shown through Adam and Eve Boudour who live in 2014 suburbia. Their lives and relationship are compared and contrasted with the original Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis. 


So, we’re replaying the Adam and Eve drama, introducing evolution and involving an irritated Lucifer who’s seeking revenge. And Lucifer’s going to use Adam and Eve to get what he wants: domination. Lucifer wants to prevent the epiphany and mess up evolution all at once. Adam and Eve are the keys to the equation: Eve as the next step in evolution and Adam as the man who will be responsible for the epiphany.

I went a little bit less espionage in the summary here, but you can add in more of that as you go. I focussed on the more literary internal battle interspersed with demon battles. I think you could take this all the way, and do a sequel. I hope you like it.

The story opens as Adam gets ready to take on the biggest jump he’s ever attempted. He’s an X-games rider on quad bikes and he’s made millions. Or he had millions until he lost his money in a spree of gambling, strippers and bad investments. This is his last chance to earn back some money before he’s chucked out of his mansion. He gets ready, revs the engine and goes for it. He’s mid-jump when the bike stalls and he crashes to the ground. Everything goes black. Adam comes to for a few minutes and is faced with a hefty black man, with wings sprouting from his shoulders. He has to be delirious, right? The man tells him to hold still, with a wicked grin, and there’s a sharp pain in his chest. He wakes up a short while later and is greeted by the same guy, and a beautiful woman. Adam is miraculously healed, and it’s all explained by Samael: he’s an angel sent by God, Eve was made from Adam’s rib, and Adam is set to lead the epiphany and rid the world of people… well, people just like Adam.

Meanwhile, Lucifer paces outside a cushy white office, he’s called inside moments later, where he confronts the Big Guy himself and confronts him. He accuses him of cheating by introducing humans into the centuries long battle which has ensued between the forces of light and darkness. God promptly has him kicked out after throwing the Garden of Eden in his face. Lucifer leaves in a rage and goes back to his HQ in Detroit, where he recruits Jezebel to do some of the dirty work – be vague here until she reappears seducing Adam.

Adam leaves the hospital with Eve in tow and is accosted by Uriel, who demands he return to God’s offices. Adam is curious in spite of his abject outrage at the interference and goes to meet God himself. There he’s told that he will have to lead the epiphany, yet again, but he’s sceptical and rejects God, which angers Eve. The pair are told they have to stick together no matter what. Adam and Eve head to a motel, using the keys provided to them by Uriel. They get into the motel room and settle in, but Adam is withdrawn with Eve and refuses to connect with her. He goes to bed early, leaving her to finish her meditation (what up with that?). Adam is just dropping off when a gorgeous redhead appears at the base of his bed. He sits up and she tries to crawl towards him, but he lets out a yell and Eve charges in and drags the woman – Jezebel – out. Jezebel promptly disappears, but not before swearing revenge on Eve. Adam sees a whole new side of Eve, as opposed to the sensitive naivety he’d witnessed thus far.

Eve cooks breakfast the next morning and they talk a bit about his life. They’re interrupted when cops surround the motel, and they’re forced to go on the run. They travel to another motel, where they stay the night, but are forced out by unruly owners who saw their faces on the TV. Eve tries her best to teach Adam about belief, whilst he verses her in science. Eve and Adam grow closer together as they go on the run, and Adam tries to figure out what to do now that his life is in shambles and he’s ‘burdened’ by a hanger on. He turns to alcohol and the pair kiss after a late night of drinking. They’re getting a bit steamy when Samael appears and accuses them of being oblivious to the world. The servants of Satan are on the way, and this time it’s not a bunch of lowly cops, it’s the hounds of hell and their masters.  They rush out and the hotel explodes moments later. Meanwhile, God’s twitter account spews truths which people start to believe, even as Jezebel continues to try breaking into the HQ and stealing valuable information to be used against God and his faction of angels. Adam is approached by media on God’s command, and Adam denies him, thus setting them back even further. That rejection forces a distance between Eve and Adam, whilst Eve is visited by a handsome man in her dreams.

Tension builds at God’s HQ and Michael throws a mini-tantrum about God’s favouritism of Adam, who has shown God nothing but disdain during the entire time since his awakening. Michael comes to see Adam and talk to him about the media and what he should be doing, and Adam ignores him. Eve, however, is warm and welcoming, which helps Adam realize that he wants her and doesn’t want anyone else to have her. He finally starts trusting her and the two sleep together. They are awoken by a commotion the next morning as beasts come pouring into their room and injure Adam. Eve fights them off and heals Adam, who realizes the full extent of her powers and who finally accepts what’s going on. He decides to approach the media, and Eve waits in the car.

Adam gets to the main building, and is confronted by Jezebel (whilst Eve looks on). She kisses him and he pushes her away (though Eve doesn’t see that bit). He then proceeds to go into the building, but can’t gain entrance when minions of Lucifer tell him he’s not expected – even though he is. He turns back and gets into the car with Eve, who tells him she’s done with him and saw him with Jezebel. He calls her an idiot for ever believing in all the crap she spouts and she leaves him for Michael, who’s been talking to her on the sly. Adam is broken by Eve’s betrayal and goes into a deep depression which affirms his trust issues with women. It’s then that Jezebel appears and seduces him. He goes all the way with her, only to be paralyzed by an intoxicating drug she uses in her lipstick. She then gloats about his downfall, as well as Eve’s impending death at the hands of Lucifer.

All hell (literally) breaks loose on Earth, as people turn into working zombies. They lose themselves to the falsehoods of money and start gambling their lives away and abandoning their families. Lawlessness prevails. Eve is shocked by the violence and hides out at Michael’s house, where she is approached by Lucifer, who is disguised as her new lover. He hands her an apple which he promises will enlighten her about the violent nature of humans, and she eats it. She loses all powers and is captured by him, just as Raphael comes over to check on her. Raphael runs straight to Adam and tells him what’s happened, and convinces him of the error of his beliefs and ways.

Adam gains the belief in himself and God, and goes to confront Lucifer. He saves Eve, using the supreme and divine light which shines from within, now that he’s unlocked his beliefs and truth. He saves her and carries her out of the HQ. Adam is ready to preach to the world. He walks through apocalyptic Detroit, carrying the woman he loves, and the other half of God’s equation. (creation and evolution hand in hand?). Lucifer looks on and swears his revenge.


  • Adam Boudour: The ex-sport star who believes in nothing, including God. He’s meant to help lead the society towards the epiphany: believing in something other than money. The irony here is that God is the CEO of a company.
  • Eve Boudour: Made from Adam’s rib and with the power of immortality, she’s the next step in evolution. She’s naïve but sweet and has an inner strength which Adam finds attractive.
  • God: The Big Guy.He’s opened his own social media account and imparts wisdom from there. He’s best buds with the Pope (though he’s taken him firmly in hand) and is set on bringing humanity forward with two of their own at the head.
  • Lucifer: The devil. He practices evil for evil’s sake. He wants nothing more than to dismantle everything God has done.
  • Jezebel: The seductress who works with Lucifer to dismantle the epiphany. She seeks power and nothing else.
  • Michael: God’s right hand man, and the second-in-charge at the company. He’s in charge of running things and making sure things stay on track with the epiphany.He’s a bit jealous of Adam, because of the attention he gets from God.
  • Raphael: The angel of healing. He helps Adam out of his funk when Eve betrays him and the world.
  • Uriel: The angel of destiny. He helps lead Adam to a realization of his task (the epiphany) and his love for Eve.
  • Samael: The angel of death. When you hang around dead or dying people as much as this guy does, you have to develop a sense of humour. Hence is greeting after Adam wakes up: ‘What up, homieeeee.’



INTERNAL CONFLICT: Adam has been through an accident and has stopped believing in anything. When he’s approached by Samael, he is faced with his worst fear: believing in God a purpose other than making money.

INTERNAL STAKES: If Adam doesn’t start believing, he will lose faith in himself and his abilities – which are limited after his accident.

INTERACTIONAL CONFLICT: Eve – who’s somewhat goofy – is thrust upon Adam and he must connect with her to learn what he needs to, but is held back by his mistrust of women.

INTERACTIONAL STAKES: If Adam doesn’t get over his mistrust, he will miss out on a fulfilling relationship with Eve, and this may lead to the collapse of society as an added bonus.

WORLD CONFLICT: God and his angels are bringing back the answers with Adam, who will be in charge of the epiphany, and Eve, who will prove evolution, but Lucifer is determined to get in the way and dominate Earth.

WORLD STAKES: If Adam and Eve don’t band together, Lucifer will ruin the epiphany and destroy society through materialism.


  • Inciting event: Adam has a sporting incident after losing his millions. Adam ends up in hospital with Samael hovering over him. Adam awakes with a new companion: Eve, and the situation is explained by Samael. Lucifer confronts God and is told to leave. Lucifer recruits Jezebel for his purposes.
  • Act one climax – Adam meets Uriel at God’s offices. Adam is sceptical and refuses to believe that he has anything to do with this ‘farce’. Lucifer recruits the cops and other authorities to hunt the pair, as he WILL bring them down at all costs. Jezebel appears to Adam and Eve confronts her. Eve shows her power when she’s shot by Jezebel and survives. Adam and Eve live together in a small motel as the servants of Satan seek them out (crooked cops). Eve tries to teach Adam about belief and he teaches her about her skills. Eve expresses her lack of confidence. Eve and Adam grow closer together and share a kiss after a late night drinking. Even and Adam are forced to flee the hotel with only Samael as warning of impending doom. The hotel explodes. God’s twitter account spews truths which people start to believe. Adam is approached by media on God’s command, and Adam denies him, thus setting them back. Eve is visited by a handsome man in her dreams (vague on purpose, is actually Lucifer posing as Michael). Michael throws a mini-tantrum about God’s favouritism with Adam. Adam and Eve get together. Adam and Eve are hunted and chased from town to town across the U.S. God can’t shelter them because they must work in the public eye and gain the trust of humans. Eve saves Adam when he’s shot by crooked cops or demons (maybe even demon beasts?). Adam is just ready to approach the media and lead the epiphany, when Jezebel interrupts.
  • Mid-point reversal – Eve sees Adam talking to Jezebel, and Jezebel kissing him. Eve leaves Adam because he refuses to give her acknowledgement or believe what she has to say. Eve leaves Adam for Michael. Uriel comes to see Adam to try convince him to see the light and the depth of his feelings for Eve, but Adam rejects him. Jezebel comes to see Adam again and he falls into her trap and sleeps with her. She paralyzes him and gloats about what Lucifer will achieve.
  • Act two climax – An apocalypse starts occurring. People becoming zombies. People losing themselves to the falsehoods of money. Lucifer poses as Michael and interacts with Eve. He poisons her with the apple and she loses her power and is captured by him. Raphael helps Adam realize the error of his ways and he allows himself to believe again.

Climax – Adam saves Eve from Lucifer and carries her out of his HQ. Adam finally believes and leads the epiphany. The devil watches the scene and is angered. It has only just begun – potential for a sequel. War setting.



We belong to a remarkably quirky species. God explains — via emails, phone calls, press releases, private off hand comments, status updates meetings, damage control efforts, pitch sessions, board meetings, brainstorming sessions – many of our strangest foibles.

1. God Explains Blushing — Blushing is hard to explain. Why would humans evolve a response that puts us at a social disadvantage? Even Darwin struggled to explain why we would evolve a response that lets others know that we have cheated or lied

2. God Explains Laughter — Laughter is more often produced at banal comments than jokes, so what is it for? The discovery that laughter is more often produced at banal comments than jokes prompts the question, why did it evolve?

3.God Explains Pubic hair — Why humans have clumps of hair in private places is still open for debate.
Scent radiator, warmth provider, or chafe protection? The answer to why humans have clumps of hair in private places is still open for debate

4. God Explains Teenagers — Even our closest relatives, the great apes, move smoothly from their juvenile to adult life phases – so why do humans spend an agonizing decade skulking around in hoodies?

5. God Explains Dreams — Most researchers reject Freud’s belief that dreams are expressions of our unconscious desires. Today, most researchers reject Freud’s belief that dreams are expressions of our unconscious desires – but if that’s the case, what are they for?

6. God Explains Altruism — People still debate whether humans are genuinely altruistic by nature, but if we are, most agree it doesn’t make evolutionary sense.

7. God Explains Sex in Art – God speaks to the issue of why art? Staffers debate art as a simple sexual display, a learning tool, or a form of social glue? God clarifies that when women are at their monthly peak in fertility, they prefer creative over both wealthy and athletic men.

8. God Explains Superstition — Many of us have superstitions – odd, reassuring habits that make no rational sense – but there may be an underlying reason for such behaviour.

9. God Explains Kissing — The urge to kiss is not brought about by genes, so why do we find it so pleasurable to share saliva?

10. God Explains Nose-picking — Many of us do it, but eating bogeys offers little nutritional reward – could there be a health reason for the unappealing habit?

Basically young Adam Boudour is alone. He suffers a sports injury and must have a rib removed. As he awakes from the anesthesia, his life REALLY changes.

The story of the creation is retold though a modern corporation and a modern suburban couple.



Movie god explains the creation
god explains the creation

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