Not Cool Cupid

Not Cool Cupid Romantic comedy

alternate title — Uncool Cupid

Screenplay by Alan Nafzger (126 pages)

LOG-LINE – When an internet dating site performs a social science experiment, purposely mismatching couples, eight internet daters find that opposites attract.


Eight internet daters find that opposites attract when an internet dating site performs a social science experiment, purposely mismatching people.

A dating website is used as a social science laboratory and the sites users are not told.

The research finds that if a user was told that another user had a high compatibility score instead of a low one, the user was slightly more likely to reach out with a message. Those who believed they were corresponding with a good match were almost twice as likely to send at least four messages compared with people who were told they were a low match.

But what happens to the people involved when they find out their true compatibility?

The effect on the eight people searching for love is profound and certainly creates three dramas. In the subplot, the site hid profile text to see how it affected personality ratings.


All three couples make it though the social experimentation. The reason is that they want to. They may have entered into the online dating scheme thinking they want similar. They search for similar (compatible) mates, but once they are into the relationship they learn opposites attract. They stick together even after the experiment becomes public.

When the website tells users who were poorly matched that in fact they were great matches…

  • One couple becomes happily married and then and momentarily questions their entire marriage when the results are announced. They have relocated and changed jobs to be together.
  • A second couple have moved into the same apartment together, when they receive the news that they might not be as compatible as they thought.
  • A third couple are seriously dating when they learn they have been the social scientists guinea pigs.

The service also told good matches that they were terrible for each other.

  • There is also a fourth (star matched) couple that are attracted by each other’s photos; they exchange a single message but erroneously thinking they aren’t compatible don’t follow through. They are each haunted by this. They have read each other’s profiles and they feel it might be a match, but they look at the websites compatibility rating. They become disillusioned with online dating and delete their profiles. As the movie plays out, the audience should wonder if perhaps the website hasn’t ruined their happiness. They by chance meet each other off the internet

The moral of the story is… it isn’t up to any website to match people. Websites might influence people; however the real choice to work though any compatibility issues belongs wholly to the participants.

  • Not Cool Cupid Screenplay
  • Not Cool Cupid Screenplay
  • Not Cool Cupid Screenplay
  • Not Cool Cupid Screenplay
  • Not Cool Cupid Screenplay


The idea and inspiration for this screenplay is based on’s admitted social experimentation. The date of copyright is June 30th, 2014.


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