The Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Mystery

The Mystery of the False Imprisonment

Screenplay by Alan Nafzger

LOGLINE: When Alyona Fomichyov’s estranged great-grandmother leaves her the Mansion Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo in Moscow, the inheritance comes with a caveat – Allie must clear the name of her great-grandfather — who died in a Soviet prison.

The problem is that clearing her great-grandfather’s name means dealing with deadly threats and menacing neighbors. The only promising thing about the adventure is a handsome man she meets along the way.


Everyone in Russia knows about the tragic time of the Great Patriotic War. But there were mysteries that families have not uncovered. And there were miscarriages of justice that haunt families. Innocent people were punished.   This is the story of Alyona’s great-grandfather.

Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Screenplay

Alyona’s great-grandfather had to fight for his life when the artillery unit he commended was over run by the Germans. He had no intention of surrounding but his lieutenant knocked him out to save his life. He was then captured.

He again had to fight to survive the German POW camp. During the war, Nazi Germany engaged in deliberately genocidal policies towards Soviet Union prisoners of war (POWs). This resulted in some 3.3 to 3.5 million deaths, about 60% of all Soviet POWs. Alyona’s great-grandfather survived.

And then when he was repatriated the Soviet government accused him of treason for allowing the guns to fall into the hands of the enemy. Alyona’s great-grandfather argued that he had buried the guns to prevent their use by the Germans, but the guns were never found. And Alyona’s great-grandfather went to the Soviet work camp, where he died.

The children and grand children and even great-grandchildren, can’t tell you everything. Actually they can’t tell you much of anything. All were scared and silent and they can tell you just a small piece of many stories. You must understand that in order to save their offspring did not say anything to their children!

Alyona didn’t know much about her great-grand father. But, Alyona’s great-grand father was not a traitor. Everything about the man was legitimate and patriotic. He was honest and trustworthy and he was a leader of men. But it was a difficult time and Stalin worked many an honest man to death.

Alyona’s great grandmother was from a noble family. But she met a simple guy and fell in love with him and was banished from the family.

When her great-grandmother passes away, she inherits a huge mansion in Moscow. It isn’t in good condition but it has potential and it is worth millions. There is a problem; there is always a problem in Russia. Her great-grandmother’s will says Alyona must exonerate her great-grandfather or the property will be donated to the state.

A Moscow realtor knew the property. It was 10 minutes from her home; she passed by it everyday on the way to the central city. She is the most beautiful of tens of thousands of real-estate agents in the city, a former beauty pageant winner. And she has friends in all sectors of the Russian economy. She is networked.

Alyona meets two men on her way to proving her relative not guilty. A man at the military records unit, Valery, falls in love with Alyona and assists her. Also a man at the maps office in the Baltic Forestry Institute, Matas, also falls in love with Alyona.

Both men insist on traveling with her and helping solve the mystery and Alyona must avoid their macho competitions and proceed to solving the case.

Alyona manages to locate and dig up the lost guns to prove her great-grandfather was not a traitor. Alyona is real-estate savvy and she uses her extensive knowledge and modern technology to find the guns.

The guns are buried under a newer house.. Alyona’s grandfather buried the artilary rather than turn it over to the NAZIs. However it can’t be dug up without a real estate deal. The main character is a realtor and must move the house to prove her great grandfather innocent of the charges. The current owner refuses to allow digging. She must find a new owner… quickly.

In the end Alyona, donates the building, worth millions to an orphanage who’s building is in collapse.


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