The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver

Film story by Alan Nafzger

In the Great Patriotic War, a Russian woman (in her dying breath) curses the village who collaborated and sold her out to the German soldiers. Since then each family in the apocryphal village has only one problem solver. Everyone else must sucumb to their problems.

Sixty years and three generations later, we find a young man, Matvei Yefimov, has many problems – money, women and some angry people want to kill him.  His mother has health problems. Matvei’s sister is pregnant with no husband in sight. Outlaws are after him over drugs that his goat has eaten. Matvei’s girl friend kills herself and has left evidence that frames him for murder. He has no money and his only friends are also cursed.

Just as every problem is about do him in and the curse is to come its purpose. His estranged father dies, in Moscow.  At the funeral, Matvei (just in the nick of time) becomes the family’s problem solver.



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