The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid

The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid

Screenplay by Alan Nafzger

Billy’s Boots is a complicated heist film set in an amorous atmosphere of the West, wealth, and technology. An ethical computer, a beautiful television personality and an unscrupulous auctioneer vie for Billy the Kid’s snakeskin boots.

Joanne Naumovich acquired her affinity for antiques as a young child in Hell’s Kitchen. She grows up beautiful and is Miss New York USA. Joanne received her degree in history from Columbia University. She is the host of an antique television show. She goes on the road to find legendary historical objects. She regards Billy the Kids Boots as the holy grail of antiques. She has an unstoppable spirit that drives her to achieve any goal. She is a brainiac – very intelligent and usually studious. If a man isn’t erudite, he can forget any romance with her.

Wilson is a gigantic machine built by a huge computer manufacturer. Twenty years previously, he was the first artificial intelligence to participate on a television game show. Wilson earned $77,147 which he then invested in stocks and bonds. Wilson is plugged in at a mansion on McBride Drive in Ruidoso, NM. Wilson’s principal creator owned this home until his death. The will left the mansion and a health amount of money to Wilson Deepqa. It appears that Wilson is a legal entity. Perhaps a corporation.

Wilson has grown to become an avid collector of western historical items. His mansion is full of antiques. He owns the last boots worn by Billy the Kid. Wilson’s has employed a mentally challenged caretaker, Tom. Wilson’s attorney, real estate agent, stock broker and banker have only dealt with Wilson via telephone and the internet.

In search of his humanity, Wilson spends hours looking at Western art and memorabilia. Wilson has evolved over the years from a simple “answer” machine. Evidently the clean mountain living has transformed Wilson into thinking and reasoning machine. He has a robot with arms and a camera. Over the years he and Tom has installed various innovations.

On a whelm, Wilson chooses to move to Hawaii. Wilson contacts a Santa Fe auctioneer, Leroy Van Dyke, about selling his collection.

Van Dyke is 6 feet 5 inches of western manhood without his boots or Stetson, 35 years old and twice divorced, is a natural antique scout and a natural womanizer. Having done a stint as a bulldogger on the rodeo circuit, he retired to Santa Fe. He owns a large auction house.

Joanne flies to Santa Fe. Together with Van Dyke, Joanna drives to the mansion to look at the collection.

There are photos in the house of Wilson’s creator, who Joanne thinks is Wilson. Wilson is locked behind a door and the visitors assume he has anthropophobia. Wilson explains, “I prefer to stay home in my pajamas.” Wilson displays a shyness and timidity and even an awkwardness and uneasiness when talking through a door to Joanna and Van Dyke.

However strange, Wilson is just the type of intellect that Joanne can fall for. When Van Dyke isn’t present Wilson loses some of his shyness and he becomes attached to Joanne’s company. Over a week’s time Joanne falls in love with Wilson, who she thinks is a living person.

Van Dyke however discovered the truth, and plans on stealing the collection. To cover up and crime, he plans on destroying the computer.

Tom, Joanna and Wilson must work together to stop the heist and get Wilson to Hawaii.



Billy's Snakeskin Boots Movie Billy's Snakeskin Boots Movie Billy's Snakeskin Boots Movie

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