12 Gauge Wedding

12 Gauge Wedding

Screenplay by Alan Nafzger 

A dirt road beauty queen is forced in to a shot-gun marriage with young boy, but the grow into love and it is a false alarm.


She was the pride of her high school, a dirt road homecoming queen and the prettiest girl that you’ve ever seen. Her county ass father had ideas she would marry the rancher’s son. But she fell in love in a truck on Saturday night. Then her clothes they don’t fit quite right.

Well the boy didn’t know if she was doin’ him right. How could that kid be his after just one lucky night. She was awfully pretty and her daddy had a gun. Her dad was gettin’ drunk and dyin’ ain’t much fun.  The boy put his best get-up on.

It was a 12 gauge wedding at twelve o’clock at the JP’s office. And then to the honeymoon.  Well they just hopped in the truck, to save money on a room.

Married and in a tiny house for a week. Funny thing, they fell in love.

They went down to the doctor and got her daddy on the phone.

They left cheek to cheek and arm in arm. They were in luck it was just a false alarm.

There was no need for a 12 gauge wedding at 12 o’clock.
Dad has an unloaded shotgun and a case of Shiner Bock.

Movie script 12 Gauge Wedding
12 Gauge Wedding









This screenplay is 108 pages and available to reputable film producers and agents.  



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