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The Streets of Manila (action-thriller) By Alan Nafzger

I was so inspired by the press conference where President Duterte threatened the lives of Mexican cartel leaders, I’ve written a 109-page action-thriller screenplay. The working title is, “Streets of Manila.” I’m currently seeking an action-savvy Filipino producer.

Alan Nafzger, Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines

The premise of the movie is, “When a ruthless Mexican drug cartel sends an elite team of hitmen to assassinate the President of the Philippines, HE FIGHTS BACK!!!”

In the script, the president’s PSG guards are decimated in an initial attack, and in a fluid lifeand-death situation, he must flee the scene in a jeepney. From here, it’s essentially a chase movie. He manages to escape in the jeepney with a drug addict, a motorcycle cop, a celebrity female comedian, and a bar girl. All the characters contribute to defending him from the assassins as they struggle to return to the palace.

Also, I read an article on the internet (The Demise of Philippine Action Films) how action movies filmed in Manila used to hugely popular and the very best in the world, until the plots became repetitive and showed less and less depth. I would like to bring back the tradition and make Manila THE place to film action-thrillers.

The film would be the most ambitious project filmed in Mania since Metro Manila in 2013. There will be thrilling motorcycle chases, spectacular car wrecks, plenty of gunfights, and narco-terrorist explosions, seductions, and an epic fistfight at the end. And the protagonist is a 75-year-old Filipino President, who resembles Duterte. The character’s name is “President Santos.”

Before releasing this summary, or the script, to anyone, I sent a copy to PCOO chief Martin Andanar and spokesperson Harry Roque for their approval. After careful consideration, the President’s communication staff responded that they are “not opposed” to the script as it’s currently worded. I asked for critique and corrections and the office had none.

Film funding has always been difficult in Manila and now it’s even more complicated by the epidemic, but American film financier Ron Richards (Founder at Digital Armada Inc.) feels finding investors for this project won’t be a problem. He told me, “Any investor or filmmaker, if they know anything about politics, should be beating the door down to be a part of this.”

And, Mr. Richards does have a point. President Duterte has 81% to 71% approval ratings; no leader in the world can match that. Frankly, he is the most likable person on the planet. I hate to take advantage of his popularity, but any novice filmmaker must realize that he draws a lot of interest. People want to see him, know him better. They want to know if his “bravado” is real. I believe I answer that in the script. As soon as the epidemic is over, I expect huge financial returns from this movie and full theaters.

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“I’ve followed Chinese aggression in the South China Sea since I was there in 2016. I genuinely feel for the fishermen who are losing their livelihood. And I’ve followed the news carefully, but what has sparked my imagination recently has been President Duterte’s war of words with the Mexican drug cartels.”

“It’s not a documentary; its fiction and I’m asking the question what would Rodrigo Duterte do if surrounded and in a difficult and dangerous situation. Would he lay down and die or would he fight? Of course, if you know anything about him, you will know he’ll fight. He might be the most popular man on Earth, but I have the feeling he’s probably also the bravest.”