Dead Meet

Dead Meet

screenplay by Alan Nafzger

A killer uses an online dating site to meet a medical examiner and a crime scene investigator to lean how to commit the perfect murder.

They inadvertently teach the killer…

  1. DNA is the surest way to get caught.
  2. Don’t leave any DNA behind.
  3. Commit your crime in a place that likely to have a lot of DNA from strangers.
  4. The oxygen-producing detergents are the best.
  5. The largest number of crimes are committed by someone close to them.
  6. Commit the crime in another town.
  7. Don’t travel so far that you can be connected because you took a trip.
  8. Choose a good area without lot of traffic.
  9. Don’t be on the road before you commit the murder because you might become tired.
  10. Don’t be int eh area when the investigation begins.
  11. Chose your crime carefully.
  12. Make it something that can be done day or night.
  13. Leave the body where in falls.
  14. Do not touch the body at all.
  15. Do not take anything from the body.
  16. Clean up.
  17. Wear the proper gear.
  18. The best time to commit a crime is in the very early hours of the day when most people are asleep.
  19. Look like you are not out of place on the street.
  20. Wear thick gloves.
  21. Buy your tools at least 1 month before committing the crime.
  22. Pay in cash.
  23. Destroy the receipts and the shopping bags.
  24. After the crime, destroy everything you bought as quickly as you can.
  25. Do not use anything you own and do not buy brands you normally buy unless they are very generic.
  26. Shop out of town in large department stores.
  27. It is good to have an alibi.
  28. Stay in a hotel with no camera.
  29. Sign up for an event to attend.
  30. Plan an out of town trip and book everything with your credit card.
  31. The best mode of transport is by bike. This will enable you to get off the roads, if you need and to travel quickly.
  32. You do not want to be seen on the street walking.
  33. Fit in with your surroundings.
  34. Have a solid story.
  35. Do not watch the television and avoid the papers for at least a month.
  36. Continue about your everyday life.
  37. Do not brag about your crime to anyone.
  38. Don’t tell a soul.
  39. If you get arrested, do not speak.

Everything goes as planned until the examiner and the investigator learn they are being two timed.


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