The Black Sea

The Black Sea

A story for film by Alan Nafzger

Olesya is a 30 something woman who is thought to have died in a fiery car accident with her husband. However she didn’t; it was a mistress. The police assume that the two bodies burned beyond recognition are husband and wife. They check with the Black Sea romantic get-away hotel and the couple had spend the night there and dined in the restaurant. The couple had registered at the hotel as Mr. and Mrs. They ate, slept and then their car drove off an embankment.

The accident takes place while Olesya is having her hair cut and colored. Her appearance has changed and that is a good thing because she feels like disappearing.

Depressed before the accident, Olesya is VERY wounded by the incident. No woman would want to face this revelation in public, so she doesn’t. She is too embarrassed to come forward. She was unhappy and disillusioned with her husband and this just puts her over the edge. She walks around the countryside in shock for several days, attends her own funeral. She buys food from her Grocer who doesn’t recognize her. She walks past her neighbors who don’t notice her. Olesya watches her daughter from a distance.

Olesya’s sister adopts her daughter. Olesya’s daughter is taken to all her activities – ballet, sports, piano. She gets to school on time. She lives in a big house and the aunt can give her a higher standard of living. And while not happy about the move, Olesya’s daughter seems okay.

So, once she sees that her daughter is cared for and when she is pronounced dead, the Olesya is free to disappear and she finds this appealing.

News reports are that a mysterious and reclusive heiress has disappeared from her yacht. Looking for evidence and curious about the heiress who lured her husband away, the woman swims out to the yacht in the middle of the night.

The butler and the ship’s captain, disliked the heiress and are willing to cover for Olesya and encourage her to live a life with the heiress identity.

Of course this isn’t as easy as it seems… there are always complications.


Black Sea Movie
Black Sea


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