Twisted Strings

The world of fantasy and suspense unravel in HBO’s new Asia Original thriller-comedy series Twisted Strings premiering with two episodes on Sunday March 27, 9pm on HBO, HBO GO and CATCHPLAY+. Executive produced by acclaimed filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien (The Assassin), the seven-episode Taiwan satire anthology follows with a new instalment every Sunday and the final two episodes air back-to-back on April 24.

Twisted Strings follows a series of bizarre deaths in the fictional Taiping City over seven separate stories across parallel time and space. While each story can be viewed independently, it intersects with others in unobvious ways. A funeral, a missing body, a dangerous game, a kidnapping; real and unreal, these incidents are woven in Wu Yuenu’s memories, converging in the mysterious Sailing Castle, where the boundary between fiction and reality is blurred. At the end of the seventh episode, all the clues will come together to reveal the whole story.

The name of the series is inspired by a popular Taiwanese nursery rhyme, which contains lyrics that tell the story of a monkey’s life over seven days. Each episode is loosely based on a line from the song.

Award-winning actress, director and screenplay writer Sylvia Chang (Love Education, 20 30 40) plays Wu Yuenu, the constant linking together the series. Chang said, “This series is full of surprises and humanity, viewers will definitely love it.” Apart from Chang, most key actors such as Lee Kang-sheng, Nikki Hsieh and Hsueh Shih-ling play more than one role across the different episodes.

Conceptualized and written over three years by Golden Horse-nominated director Huang Xi, Twisted Strings aims to see the humour of life and death. Hou who is executive producer of a series for the very first time said, “The Twisted Strings team includes staff I have worked with over the years in art direction, production and editing, as well as the actors. Matching them with director Huang Xi’s script and narrative technique will lead to a drama of unique style and presentation. In addition, our collaborative effort with international investors makes Twisted Strings a rarity among Taiwanese dramas.”

The anthology series also has an ensemble of award-winning cast and crew including Golden Horse-winning actor Lee Kang-sheng (Stray Dogs, Days). This is Lee’s first lead role in a series after having starred in films for the past 30 years. Additional star-studded line-up includes Nikki Hsieh (I Weirdo , Reflections), Yo Yang (Ex-boyfriend, Formula 17), Yao Yi-Ti (The Gangs, The Oscars and The Walking Dead) , Duan Chun-Hao (We Are Champions), Hsueh Shih-Ling (HBO Asia Original Series Workers, Born Into Loving Hands), Michael J.Q. Huang (Father to Son, Wake up), Tracy Chou (HBO Asia Original Series The World Between Us), David Wu (We Are Champions), Buffy Chen (The Silent Forest), Rima Zeidan (Missing Johnny), JC Lin (HBO Asia Original Series The World Between Us, A Day To Choose), Bai Runyin (Dear Tenant), as well as Romeo Tan (Soul Old Yet So Young) and Aileen Tan (Hello Ms Driver) from Singapore. Presented by HBO Asia and CATCHPLAY, Twisted Strings is produced by CATCHPLAY’s SCREENWORKS ASIA, in partnership with Taiwan’s Bossdom and Singapore’s Mediacorp.



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