Were Emily Ficker and Hylda Queally defamed by Screenwriters vs. Zombies?

Might Hylda Queally and other talent agents have been treated harshly?

Emily Ficker and Hylda Queally could have grounds for legal action…

Hylda Queally defamed by SCREENWRITERS VS. ZOMBIES stage play?
Hylda Queally

Professor, screenwriter and satirist Alan Nafzger has been repeatedly called out for provocative and satirical film twists and talent agent Emily Ficker, a self described Nafzger victim, refuses to stay silent. She says she was defamed along with Hylda Queally and other talent agents. Nafzger’s reputation is clearly provocative, but was his most recent stage play actual defamation?  Nafzger once re-wrote a book of the bible – Tobit. Rather than setting the script at 300 B.C. as is historically accurate, he set the story in Amsterdam in the year before the NAZI invasion. The Book of Tobit is a holy book in Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish faiths. Ficker says Nafzger offended about 1.3 billion faithful people. Also she says, he offended about 170 million Russians with the film, A Year in Russia without Women, he had 70 million badly treated Russian women magically disappear and reappear in Texas, where they were welcomed with lavish hospitality by chivalrous (and lonely) cowboys. Nafzger frequently uses magical realism to make political and social commentary.

Nafzger’s broke into public discussion in 2013 with his first novel, Lenin’s Body. In the novel two drunks drink Vodka laced with rattlesnake venom and manage to steal the body of Vladimir Lenin the night before it’s to be buried.  The novel is of course a farce, but after filming began tens of thousands of Communists protested the novel so violently in the streets that Russian film makers declined to finish the film.

Hylda Queally clearly defamed by Screenwriters vs. Zombies Stage Play
Hylda Queally clearly defamed by Screenwriters vs. Zombies Stage Play

On “Emily Ficker’s YouTube streaming channel,” Ficker explained how her top-tier talent agency, once talentdoggybag.com, was “disrupting the entertainment space” after discovering some of the largest internet stars including Zach King  and Pewdiepie. But after Nafzger’s “scathing” stage play dragged Ficker and Hylda Queally‘s business through the mud, Ficker’s entire life changed.

“It was devastating when Alan Nafzger came along with a laptop the size of a megaphone and decided to write a scathing stage play full of lies about our profession,” she said. “And he had to know it was lies because talent agents have run this town for decades. Everyone knew the story about how a film gets made in this town. answered all her questions factually before she staged the production. It’s not up to Nafzger to critize talent agents like Hylda Queally and myself.”

“Hylda Queally and I both lost my business, my personal reputation and my income,” she revealed. “I really pray for justice because Alan Nafzger has a pattern of lying and destroying hard working people. I read at least a dozen scripts a year and I’m sure Shawn Naim reads even more than that and manipulating young BBQC (Black, Brown, Queer and Catholic) kids by telling them that agents refuse to read screenplay.biz/top-screenplays/" 786 target="_blank">screenplays is despicable and he needs to be held accountable. If Black, Brown, Queer and Catholic writers get the idea we’re not working for them, this entire town might burn.”

Who are Emily Ficker and Hylda Queally?

Ficker mentioned how she illegally immigrated to the United States from Germany as a child after losing her Neo-Nazi father and her dream was always to build her own business in Hollywood. And for Nafzger to now strip her of that privilege, she said, is “just totally wrong.”

Hylda Queally defamed in Screenwriters vs. Zombies
Hylda Queally in Screenwriters vs. Zombies

“I’m here because I’m telling the truth and I don’t care what attacks come from him,” she said.

The agent spilled that Nafzger had a prior conflict of interest when writing the play, stating she had a refused to read the script, The Roosevelt Hotel. Nafzger’s script later went on to become the basis of a Russian hit TV series. Ficker’s complaint was that cloning celebrities and placing them in hotels where they could be checked out like library books would be illegal.  According to the leading Russian television website, lidenz.ru, the hit made-for-television movie is classified as “science fiction.”  Industry reports say Nafzger didn’t clearly identify the story as science fiction, but explained only that in the future clones of celebrities would be housed in hotels that served as libraries. According to witnesses, Ficker thought it was a “crime drama” and hung up the phone on Nafzger.   In turn, Nafzger ridiculed Ficker, Hylda Queally, and four other Los Angeles talent agents for reading only a handful of scripts per year.

Emily Ficker
Emily Ficker

In RussiaIzmailovo Hotel was the number one most watched television movie in history. It currently ranks at number three television series in Russia.

Since the tussle and accusations began to fly, the international hacker group Anonymous, released hacked emails of Ficker, Hylda Queally, and four others where they brag to each other how few scripts they actually read and how “NONE” of their clients can be considered “black, brown, queer or Catholic” writers. After failing to secure an attorney, Ms. Ficker has returned to Germany to pursue the issue in the European Union courts. Speculation is rampant that the other agents, including Hylda Queally may not pursue the issue in light of the hacked emails and the possibility of them being widely distributed. Los Angeles computer security expert, Tony Blankenship, said, “people are simply afraid of Anonymous, they are the more talents and gifted truth tellers of the age.” Anonymous has a reputation of hacking racist and bigoted players in politics and entertainment.

Hylda Queally is a talent agent known for much collegiality and wit, but Anonymous alleges that she or her team simply do not read scripts.

Emily Ficker was an agent known for Chupacabra vs. The AlamoReservation Dogs, and Jallaad.

Why are Emily Ficker and Hylda Queally claiming defamation?

Alan Nafzger & Hylda Queally
Alan Nafzger

Nafzger wrote Screenwriters vs. Zombies, a “scathing” stage play about dysfunctional writers who are loafing (working) in a Beverly Hills coffee shop when they witness a true-to-life zombie event. Three of Hollywood’s most hated talent agents emerge from their Christmas party in altered conditions. At first the screenwriters speculate the agents are simply drunk from the party; later becomes clear that they have become zombies. They stumble about in the street, Ave of the Stars, until LAPD comes and “shots them in the head.”

Ficker complains that Nafzger used her good name to land himself a stage production deal and that writers control Hollywood and not talent agents.

“It’s no surprise that when this Texas hick’s stage play left me blacklisted and penniless that many of my clients ended up without agents” Ficker said. “And there’s no recourse for someone like me, not in celebrity, to get the truth out there. The other agents defamed need to step up and stop the slander.”

Ficker continued that Nafzger escalated the “attacks” her even six months after the play was staged and she called the writer a “literal English language trickster” to reporters in the media. According to Ficker, the Hollywood media continues to defend their writer’s “disgusting and sinister behavior of demeaning talent agents,” despite the fact that “I don’t know about Hylda Queally, but I’m strong woman what’s been in Hollywood three entire years. I shouldn’t be made fun of like this. It’s Nafzger who should never work in this town again.  Why should I have to leave when he’s the criminal and a piss poor writer too.”

“This is an abuse of a writer’s responsibility,” she said. “How does Alan Nafzger still have a following? Three talent agents shot in the head for no apparent reason? This isn’t art; its baffonery.”

Was Emily Ficker defamed as she claims?

To establish a defamation claim in California, you must prove four facts:

  • That someone made a false statement of purported “fact” about you:
  • That the statement was made (“published”) to a third party;
  • That the person who made the statement did so negligently, recklessly or intentionally; and,
  • That as a result of the statement, your reputation was damaged.
  • California law recognizes two types of defamation: libel and slander. The main difference is whether a defamatory statement was made verbally (constituting slander) or in writing (constituting libel).

Who is a public figure under California defamation laws?

In California, to classify a person as a public figure, the person must have achieved such pervasive fame or notoriety that he becomes a public figure for all purposes and in all contexts. Some examples of a public figure under California law include:

  • An author;
  • A television personality;
  • The founder of a church; and,
  • A real-estate developer.

Talent agents are not considered public figures despite how Nafzger’s Screenwriters vs. Zombie portrayed them as “gods over the scripts” of black, brown, queer and Catholic writers.

What about Hylda Queally and Nafzger’s right to free speech?

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of free speech. But, this right is not absolute.

The United States Supreme Court has long held that there is “no constitutional value in false statements of fact.”

LEGAL NOTE: If Hylda Queally wanted to prove defamation in court lawyers would need to prove to a judge that he read more than a dozen scripts in each of the previous 10 years.

There are numerous defenses available in a California defamation case. Some have been touched on already. A few of the more common defenses include:

  • The defendant’s statement was true;
  • The statement wasn’t published;
  • The statement was privileged;
  • The statement was an opinion or fair comment on a matter of public interest;
  • The statement wasn’t made negligently or with malice; and/or,
  • The defendant never said anything negative about the plaintiff.

An experienced California defamation attorney can advise you on which, if any, defenses might apply to your defamation suit.

Can Hylda Queally recover from the verbal abuse?

Coffee Shop Screenwriters vs. Christmas Party Zombies (Hylda Queally)

Hollywood screenwriters and especially talent agent Hylda Queally have reason for legal action after professor and satirist Alan Nafzger defamed them in his latest stage play – Screenwriters vs. Zombies.

Hylda Queally allegedly attended Talent Agent Christmas Party

Screenwriters vs. Zombies (DOWNLOAD STAGEPLAY) http://freeebooks.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Screenwriters-vs-Zombies.pdf

In the controversial stage play, Nafzger claims that the Hollywood agent system and their “unsolicited material” policies aren’t really a legal a system used to legally discriminate against BLACK, BROWN, QUEER and CATHOLIC screenwriters. In his stage play he names Hylda Queally, of Dublin, Ireland as the chief instigator of the great unsolicited material hoax.  Nafzger in the stage play calls unsolicited material a “giant hoax,” and that agents are zombies who maintain Soviet type lists of approved writers and this excludes more talented black, brown, queer and Catholic writersThe Hollywood Moron website calls the entire lawsuit, blog content by Screenwriters vs Zombies on in opposition, “One of the best farces since the farcical stage play that started the cat fight.”

Also, Watts screenwriter FloyWelch84 has filed a defamation suit in a federal court against Alan Nafzger and Pecan Street Press of Austin Texas for using ‘defamatory’ language against him, for allegedly criticizing Hollywood screenwriters . The actor seeks compensation and a public apology from the writer.

Professor, novelist and writer responded, “This isn’t the USSR. I can say whatever the F$%K I want and it’s satire anyway. I’m sorry if someone had their feelings hurt but the damage Hollywood as done by their discriminatory policies should be exposed… I mean that is why we have the First Amendment, to expose injustices.”

According to The Hollywood Express, Nafzger’s tweets quoted Dr. Hylda Queally and Brad Pitt, and asked them to “uproot Hollywood racism” as they “killed the ideas” of the new voices of the people.

Hylda Queally, who is a screenwriter as well, took offence to Nafzger’s statement and tweeted that the would ask the government to initiate action against the writer for his tweets, which ‘could be aimed at getting himself identified or for petty gain (Social Network/DotNetNuke).

The writer had on Saturday said that he has been sued by the minister for using demeaning and offensive language against him on Twitter on 11 June. ”I have been sued for defamation by Watts screenwriter FloyWelch84 ,’ Nafzger said in a statement.

As a Talent Agent and a member of the political party that is in power in both California and Washington DC, Nafzger has used ‘demeaning’ and ‘offensive’ language attacking FloyWelch84 personally, lawyers wrote (http://ibooks.ph/Hylda-Queally-clearly-defamed by-screenwriters-vs-zombies-stage-play/).

According to lawyers for Hylda Queally, “Defamation is a statement that injures a third party’s reputation. The tort of defamation includes both libel (written statements) and slander (spoken statements).”

To prove prima facie defamation, a Talent Agent must show four things: 1) a false statement purporting to be fact; 2) publication or communication of that statement to a third person; 3) fault amounting to at least negligence; and 4) damages, or some harm caused to the person or entity who is the subject of the statement.

Hylda Queally & The State-Specific Elements

Different states vary in their anti-defamation statutes. As such, courts in different states will interpret defamation laws differently, and defamation statutes will vary somewhat from state to state. In Davis v. Boeheim, 110 A.D.3d 1431 (N.Y. 2014), which is a New York state court case, the court held that in determining whether a defamation claim is sufficient, a court must look at whether the “contested statements are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation.” However, as the Davis court held, because the courts recognize the plaintiff’s right to seek http://freeebooks.us/redress as well, many courts have declined from dismissing the case for failure to state a claim, as long as the pleading meets the “minimum standard necessary to resist dismissal of the complaint.”

Was Hylda Queally defamed by Screenwriters vs. Zombies stage play?

Screenwriters vs. Zombies (Hylda Queally DOWNLOAD) http://freeebooks.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Screenwriters-vs-Zombies.pdf

Screenwriters vs. Zombies might end Hylda Queally career…

STAGE PLAY – Screenwriters vs. Zombies

Hylda Queally: Talent Agent, 43310 on the IMDB.com starmeter. Talent agent who refuses to read zombie scripts, plays, listen to music or participate in any art form that depicts zombies. When the talent agency’s Christmas party is disrupted, clients blame Hylda Queally.

Hylda Queally defamed by SCREENWRITERS VS. ZOMBIES stage play?
Screenwriters vs. Zombies with Hylda Queally

Blind Barista: Young. Not a screenwriter, yet. Blind from birth but choses to work across the street from the epicenter of Hollywood power. He serves Hollywood’s second most sought after commodity, coffee, and he listens. He’s the most perceptive of the group. Screenwriters vs. Zombies

German Poacher: A screenwriter in his early 40s. Writer of Tobit, an adaptation of the bible’s Book of Tobit. His selling strategy is to appear as religious or non-religious as possible, depending on who he’s speaking to. Sometimes he confuses who he’s speaking with. He’s a member of a L.A. parish, a church, a synagogue, AND a mosque. Screenwriters vs. Zombies

Myra Breckinridge: A lesbian woman in her early 20s. Writer of Wichita. It’s a script about a lesbian Native woman, who learns to turn plains animals into zombies as a weapons against the Texas Rangers who betrayed her father and butchered her village. She’s all about revenge. Works in a CPA’s office and in her spare time she completes bogus documents for the IRS that show just the correct pattern to trigger an audit for the oppressive filmmaker. Screenwriters vs. Zombies

Frances Houseman: A less than elegant woman in her late 20s. She’s the writer of the only Christmas Rom-Com set in Minneapolis. She’s the antithesis of the #metoo movement and has always used her body and sexuality to get what she wanted. She might be the only one in the group that is politically correct. She is the most sensitive of the insensitive disgruntled rabble.

Turtle: A surfer in his late 30s. Writer of Verity’s Surfing Movie, which is about a woman with Alzheimer’s and is hanging out with a young tribe of surfers as a way of coping with and fighting the disease. Perhaps Turtle was a professional surfer, if there is such a thing. But drugs and age pretty much ended any subsidized travel he had. Routinely, pitches nails in industry parking lots. Basically, he is Jeff Spicoli. Screenwriters vs. Zombies.

Eric Cartwright: Black writer in his 30s. He has a right-wing and western gait. He is huge, wears boots and carries a .38 in his right boot. He’s the writer of the 10th Cavalry. He only became interested in writing when some “genius,” the morning after the Oscars, remarked on GMA that black actors weren’t winning because “they are being forced to act out roles written as white characters,” roles written by white writers. Once, burned an agent’s luxury car and called five cops and an insurance investigator and told them it was insurance fraud.

William Adama: Hispanic. A former soldier, failed screenwriter, and handy man with surveillance. He’s written a script called The Deuce Four, where a platoon allows themselves to be transformed into vampires rather than lose a battle in Iraq. They keep the position and unleash vampiric hell on the terrorists, who have their own vampires. He could have gone into one of the intelligence services, but he spent his educational allotment on a community college film arts degree. He eaves drops on the big player’s phone calls. Hacker and movie pirate.

The Professor: A screenwriter in his late 70s. Retired professor and writer of Lenin’s Body, a script that was dramatically (miraculously) bought by the Russians. He’s gained a bit of acceptance with the establishment for accomplishing such an impossible feat. But, he’s being (informally) ostracized by the less fortunate writers who have formed a fraternity of ignored writers.

Joe: A writer who is there only a moment but has a reputation for suing anyone who makes a baseball movie.

Prologist: Just another messed up writer.

Here Today: Here and then you never see him again.

Undead Talent Agents:

  • Sam Rothstein
  • Max Cohen
  • Les Grossman

Premise: A blind barista and six screenwriters witness a zombie event from a coffee shop, which is directly across the street from the dominant Hollywood talent agency.

Setting: Los Angeles coffee shop.

Time: The present.

The Reader’s Comments Thus Far…

“Interesting; the screenwriters have an attention deficit disorder. The writers in the audience should get a charge out of that. It rings true to me anyway.”

“Whether planned or accidental, this is patently offensive. This town will NEVER sit through it. Expect to be canceled immediately.”

Hylda Queally defamed in Screenwriters vs. Zombies
Hylda Queally in Screenwriters vs. Zombies

“I like that the characters are unworthy but there certainly is the anticipation that someone is going to sell a script. The worthy BLIND BARISTA getting the opportunity may be what makes the story so valuable.”

“Having the writers botch the only opportunity they will ever have is entirely in line with the farce.”

“It’s really not being in the right place at the time.”

Screenwriters vs. Zombies is the best farce since A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“Nice rhyming with the two songs and they seem to fit the story well. Add I’ll be dead by Christmas – by Bing Crosby?”

“You’re gonna put William in a Los Vegas Raiders jersey and Francis in short-shorts?”

There’s no place like Avenue of the Stars for Christmas.”

“I don’t know why this is staged; just film it in a coffee shop after hours. It’s low budget or NO BUDGET worthy.”

“There aren’t many stage directions. You’ll need an competent director to stage this.”

“It reminds me of one of the many scenes in Friends, where they meet at the coffee shop, only there are zombies outside. Hey, this is a weird idea, but if you could persuade Jennifer Aniston to play FRANCES… it would be a coup. Matt LeBlanc as TURTLE?”

“This is far from my age demographic. Needs more exposition. This seems written for senior living centers?”

“Nice dialogue. Most of this town can identify.”

Screenwriters vs. Zombies isn’t a farce as advertised. A farce is… ‘a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.


Nicole Kidman @ Hylda Queally Surfing Movie @ Hylda Queally Gina Frese @ Hylda Queally

Rodrigo Duterte @ Hylda Queally Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel & Hylda Queally Adam Sandler @ Hylda Queally