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Preserved – PRE-PRODUCTION – 2021

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Director: Molly Worre, Production Co: Battlecry Productions [US]

Country: United States

Genre: Horror | Thriller


Cassandra Peterson as First Lady
Nicole Kidman could play First Lady in coffee shop romance…

Preserved Screenplay

The Preserved screenplay was bought and developed by Director: Molly Worre, Production Co: Battlecry Productions [US]. 123,699. A screenplay, or script, is a written work by screenwriters for a film, television program, or video game. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. Then why do I keep seeing similar character-driven scripts on the spec market? Because screenwriters see these types of movies and think they can sell a similar character-driven script…


This stage mainly consists of planning and conceptualising a script Preserved, based off a book, another movie, a true story, or can even be an original concept. After approval, the director works with the writers to come up with a step-by-step outline of the progression of the film. The lack of a visual, external conflict, “on the nose” dialogue, nothing external at stake, predictable scenes and plot devices are a few of the reasons a story like this, presented as a spec script from an aspiring screenwriter, would be a hard sale. Think of it from a Hollywood reader’s perspective. One of the primary things they’re looking for is a visual film – one that’s told via the externals, but an all character-driven story isn’t going to deliver = a pass.


In this phase, the key objective is to narrow down options and plan the development of the movie in terms of Preserved film cast, film crew, and budget. A line manager or production manager is usually hired during this process to create a schedule and manage the budget for the film. Pre-production also includes figuring out the shoot location. It’s obvious this film got made because Jack Nicholson became interested in the project. It was an interesting character study with some entertaining moments, like when Warren falls asleep atop his motor home or when Kathy Bates’ character does the nude scene in the hot tub. It’s a “character study.”

Director: Molly Worre, Production Co: Battlecry Productions [US]

The production stage is when the actual practical Preserved film production work begins. The primary aim is to stick to the budget and schedule, which requires constant attentiveness. The film director works with the cast and crew to ensure that everything goes as planned. Communication is key between all the involved parties.  Director: Molly Worre, Production Co: Battlecry Productions [US] will be producing this film. #NAME?


Preserved Photography is essentially the most expensive phase in film production. This is because of the salaries owed to the actor, director and set crew, as well as the costs of certain shots, props and special effects, if needed. All the previous stages have been set to ensure the smooth transition of photography. This is where the camera rolls, so it is important for the film director to follow the schedule and remain within the budget. Genre: Horror | Thriller. – In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the book), Blomkvist initially refuses Henrick Vanger’s job offer/Call To Adventure (to write a history of the Vanger family and solve the murder of Harriet Vanger along the way). Then Vanger not only offers Blomkvist five million kroner, but virtually guarantees that Blomkvist can avoid prison and clear his name by promising him damning information about the industrialist who has sued him — but only if Blomkvist does the job. It’s a clear “Offer He Can’t Refuse.”

Wrap – Preserved

The period immediately after the shooting ends, when all the cameras are turned off. During this stage of Preserved, everything gets disassembled and the set is cleared of the cast and crew. All equipment and props must be returned in a functioning order, to the suppliers and there must be an inventory list. So if the Hero/ine has Refused The Call, the villain, or mentor, or the person who hires or recruits her or him must make an Offer S/he Can’t Refuse.

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Director: Molly Worre, Production Co: Battlecry Productions [US]

Country: United States

Genre: Horror | Thriller